Translation form german original: We have tested the bike-blazers or -jackets "Josefina" and "Josef" and find: absolutely neat. The breathable, ecological all-weather cotton fabric EtaProof is sturdy, comfortable to wear and windproof even on a brisk ride. The collar can be closed by button up. Bags outside and inside provide space for mobile phone, wallet, keys. The trick: If you button the back bar, you unfold the lapels and the cuffs down, wide reflective stripes come to light. The long sleeves also keep your hands warm in cool weather. If you fold everything back, you are chic for the office, bar or theater. Amity also promises that a 700mm water column provides some hours of wet protection. We have not tried that - but who produces such beautiful, well thought-out jackets, we believe that too.
Colors: Navy, Sand; Price: 349 Euro (Josefina) and 379 Euro (Josef).

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