Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Business

§ 1 General

Amity Fashion GmbH
Taeglichsbeckstr. 31 A
D-45731 Waltrop
Managing director: Wilhelm Beermann
phone +49(0)2309 / 561137
(hereeinafter “amity-jackets.com” or “we”),

operates an online shop at the internet address www.amity-jackets.com (the “Website”). All orders placed by you via the Website as well as our deliveries and services are governed exclusively by the General Terms and Conditions of Business set out below, as applicable at the time the order is placed. We do not accept any diverging terms and conditions from the customer except where specifically agreed in writing.

§ 2 Contracts

1. The languages available for contracts depend on the country of destination selected:


EU and Swizerland

Available languages

English, German

2. The presentation of products on our Website does not constitute any offer by amity-jackets.com for a purchase contract.

3. By submitting the order form provided on our Website to us you are placing a binding offer for a purchase contract with us. You submit an offer by entering all required information during the ordering process and posting the order form to us by using the button “buy”. Before you submit your offer you will be able to view the details input by you and correct any mistakes in the information provided.

4. On receipt of your order we will send you an e-mail confirming receipt of your order and stating the details of your order (order confirmation). Please note that our order confirmation does not constitute a declaration of acceptance of your contractual offer but serves for information purposes only.

5. A purchase contract between you and amity-jackets.com will become effective only after we have accepted the offer by dispatching the goods ordered. If payment in advance was chosen as payment option, the goods will be dispatched only after the full amount has been credited to our account.

6. amity-jackets.com has the right to refuse any offer without stating a reason, especially if there are legitimate grounds to suspect that the goods purchased via the internet are intended to be resold on a commercial basis.

§ 3 Returns

1. Advisory

Right of return

You have the right to withdraw from this contract within fourteen days without giving any reason. The cancellation period is fourteen days from the date on which you or a third party named by you, who is not the carrier, has taken possession of the goods.You may declare a return also by posting a return request in text form, however, only for goods not eligible for parcel shipping (such as bulky goods). To comply with the deadline the goods or return request must be dispatched in a timely manner. All return shipments are at our expense and risk. Please address all returns and return requests to:

Amity Fashion GmbH
Taeglichsbeckstr. 31 A
D-45731 Waltrop
Managing director: Wilhelm Beermann
phone +49(0)2309 / 561137


In the event of a valid and effective return, the performance received by either party must be returned and any benefits derived must be released. You are required to compensate us for any loss in value if the goods are returned in a deteriorated state and for any benefits derived (such as advantages derived from usage) which cannot be returned at all or in part or can only be returned in a deteriorated state. You are required for compensate us for any loss in value for deteriorated goods or benefits derived only to the extent that such benefits or deterioration are due to any handling of the goods extending beyond an inspection of their qualities and functions. “Inspection for qualities and functions” shall mean the testing and trial of the goods, as is possible and common in, for example, a store. Any obligations to refund payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. For you, this time limit starts upon dispatch of the returns or return request, and for us, upon their receipt.

End of advisory

2. Return shipments

All return shipments are made via the service used for original delivery (DHL or UPS), using the consignment note and/or label enclosed with the parcel. All documents that may be helpful for you when returning goods are enclosed with your parcel.

Please note that we can only accept return shipments from the country of destination. For example, if your delivery was made to Austria, any returns must be shipped from Austria as well.

Returns will be credited to your account, any losses caused by currency fluctuations will not be refunded.

For any questions about your right of return, please contact our Customer Care Team:

email: info@amity-jackets.com

§ 4 Prices; product presentation; availability; vouchers

1. The prices stated on our Website www. amity-jackets.com at the time of your order apply.

2. The goods offered are presented on the Website in the form of digital photographs of the actual products. Minor discrepancies between the presentation and the actual products do not qualify as a defect in the goods ordered.

3. If you have ordered several items at the same time, the products may be delivered at different times. Sec. 266 BGB remains unaffected. Shipping charges will be incurred only once in any such case.

4. Vouchers remain valid for three years upon receipt.

§ 5 Storage of contract data

We store your order data. If you wish to print your order, you may do so by printing out an “acknowledgment of receipt”. It will appear on your screen once you have submitted your order to us by clicking the “submit order” button and your credit card details have been verified.

In addition you will receive an e-mail order confirmation stating all details entered, which may be printed out as well.

§ 6 Shipping & dispatch

1. Your package will be shipped with either DHL or UPS, depending on the final destination. Amity-jackets.com is liable for any potential transport risks.

2. The goods will be ready for dispatch on or after the day following your order. Unless agreed otherwise, delivery will be made within 1 to 5 business days to the shipment address specified by customer, depending on the shipment method and place of delivery chosen. If payment in advance was chosen as payment option, the goods will be dispatched only after the full purchase price has been credited to our account.

3. Deliveries to non-EU destinations

3a) Deliveries to Switzerland

Based on experience, deliveries to Switzerland take 1 to 3 business days. Please be aware that we cover the insurance of the goods and all costs incurred for shipping documents. The product prices as indicated include value-added tax as applicable in Switzerland as well as customs and handling charges, but are exclusive of German value-added tax.

Customs and handling charges will not be refunded if the goods are returned.

3b) Deliveries to other countries

After request.

4. Shipping charges



Shipping costs

Shipping times

European Union


Free of charges

1-5 business days

Non-EU European countries

After request

Shipping charges will be incurred only once for deliveries in instalments.

5. As a gesture of goodwill, mytheresa.com agrees to grant customer upon request a price adjustment by way of store credits, to be redeemed within one year, should the price of any regular item be first reduced within seven days after the contract with customer became effective. The price adjustment will be contingent upon availability of the same size and/or colour of the item at the time the price is reduced. This shall not apply to items that were marked down at the time of purchase already or were purchased as part of another special price campaign.

§ 7 Payment; default in payment; setoff; right of retention

Payment using PayPal, or wire transfer

You can use PayPal, or a wire transfer to pay for your purchase at amity-jackets.com .

Any setoff by customer shall be excluded, except with counterclaims that are established by final enforceable judgment, ready for decision or uncontested, or include claims for compensation of costs incurred by remedial action under the same contract.

In commercial transactions, any right of retention or right to refuse performance of customer is excluded, except as based on counterclaims that are uncontested and established by final enforceable judgment, or claims arising from remedial action under the same contract.

§ 8 Retention of title

The goods delivered remain property of amity-jackets.com until full payment has been made.

§ 9 Inquiries, complaints

For any inquiries about your order or complaints, please contact our Customer Care Team:

email: info@amity-jackets.com

§ 10 Warranty

Claims based on defects in the delivered goods shall be governed by the applicable legal provisions, to the exception that any claims for damages relating to defects shall be subject exclusively to section 11 below.

§ 11 Liability

1. We accept unlimited liability for damage caused by intent or gross negligence. Our liability for breaches by ordinary negligence of any major obligations or secondary obligations whose breach puts the achievement of the contractual purpose at risk or whose fulfilment is essential to the due and proper performance of the contract and whose fulfilment customer could reasonably rely upon (“essential secondary obligation”), shall be limited to foreseeable damage characteristic for the contract. We accept no liability for any breach by ordinary negligence of contractual secondary obligations which are not essential secondary obligations.

2. Nothing in this shall prejudice our liability in the event of fraudulent concealment of defects or a guarantee as to quality, for claims based on the Product Liability Act, and for damage caused by injury to life, limb or health. This shall not entail a reversal of the burden of proof to customer’s disadvantage.

3. To the exception of claims based on tort, any claims for damages of customer for which our liability is limited hereunder, shall become time-barred one year after the commencement of the statutory limitation period.

4. Any exclusion or limitation of the liability of amity-jackets.com shall extend also to the personal liability of its employees, members of staff, representatives and vicarious agents.

§ 12 Governing law, severability

1. All legal disputes arising out of or in connection with a purchase contract shall be governed exclusively by German law to the exclusion of the UN Sales Convention.

2. If any provision is invalid, nothing in this shall prejudice the validity of the remaining provisions hereof.