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eBike News - Paul

eBike News - Paul Test

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NRW select

NRW select Düsseldorf 2019

Supplement in "Welt am Sonntag", 12.05.2019

Dresscode - published in My Bike Februar 2019

Dresscode in My Bike 02-2019

Conrad and Franz in february edition of My Bike!

Stromer and Amity

Stromer & Amity Fashion
Fashion electrifies!
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Brompton and Amity

Brompton & Amity Fashion
This video was recently linked to Who knows our products, of course, immediately recognizes our short coat Franz!

Amity Jackets Bike Fashion

fancy, weatherproof, environmentally friendly
If you want to use the bike more intensively in everyday life and professional life, you often need representative clothing, which nevertheless should be suitable for cycling.

Bike Jackets by Amity

Fancy and weatherproof
The bike jackets collection by Amity skilfully combines classic design and roadworthiness - perfect for bike office commuters. The Amity collection has models for women and men with both women and men: the longer-cut models Franz and Franziska are reminiscent of casual and chic trench coats (see photo). Slightly shorter are the blazers Josef and Josefina ...

Bike Fashion

Cyclists have never been so fancy.
Commuters and city cyclists do not have to do without wearing comfort and weather protection. There is the right bike fashion for every type today. The Trekkingbike editors have tried it out. Coat: The city bike coat Franziska von Amity Fashion consists mainly of etaProof, a waterproof cotton, which was originally developed for aviators in World War II. Price: 379 euro, ...
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Bike Clothing

How to get dressed, so it rolls!
Today you can dress fashionably, safely, qualitatively, practically and completely differently on the bike. Depending on what tour you go on a bike. In the city bike blazer Josefina in navy navy blue by Amity, the lady, head held high, walks from the bicycle parking space to the office. And even as gentleman in the short coat Franz one does not risk a raised eyebrow in the circle of colleagues: One wears a trench coat of classic chic in beige. That the windproof, water-repellent, breathable and little dirt-sensitive, the viewer believes immediately.


From the bike to the restaurant ...
We have tested the bike-blazers or -Jackets "Josefina" and "Josef" and find: absolutely neat. The breathable, ecological all-weather cotton fabric EtaProof is sturdy, comfortable to wear and windproof even on a brisk ride. The collar can be closed by button up. Bags outside and inside provide space for mobile phone, wallet, keys. ...